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We at the Magdala Foundation know all too well that every family has its share of problems - its share of sadness, tragedy, disappointment, and fear.  Some families have to live with the burden of mental illness, mental retardation, or physical handicaps.  Alcoholism and drug abuse have eroded the stability of many families.  Just living in today's turbulent society makes coping with everyday problems more difficult for many.

At Magdala Foundation our job is to help families deal with a myriad of problems by providing them with multidisciplinary services designed to address their specific needs.

Incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1965, Magdala Foundation has provided social services to over 40,000 individuals in the St. Louis community.

The agency has grown from one residential treatment center for female offenders to a thriving, broad-based agency that serves men, women, and children with a variety of social service needs.

Magdala exists for only one reason - to give every troubled person referred to us a chance for a new beginning.


Magdala Foundation - 4158 Lindell Blvd. - St. Louis Missouri 63108 - 314.652.6004